Star Trek Fiction
“Gods, Fate, and Fractals” (Strange New Worlds II, 1999)
“Black Hats” (Strange New Worlds IV, 2001)
“The Trouble with Borg Tribbles” (Strange New Worlds V, 2002) (Winner, Third Prize)
Out of the Cocoon (Star Trek: S.C.E., 2005)
“Ambition” (Constellations, 2006)
The Insolence of Office (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Slings and Arrows, 2007)
A Less Perfect Union (Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Infinity’s Prism, 2008)
Losing the Peace (Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2009)
The Shocks of Adversity (Star Trek, 2013)


Other Fiction

“Conquering Hero” (, 2002)
“And Sin No More” (, 2007)
“Lend Your Ear to the Whisper” (Lissette’s Tales of Imagination, 2012)
“The Year Without a Santa Claus” (ReDeus: Divine Tales, 2012)

Non Fiction

“John Frederick Paxton” (Star Trek Magazine, # 22 December 2009)
“Warrior Cultures and Cultured Warriors” (Star Trek Magazine, # 24 March 2010)
“Star Trek: First Contact: Assimilating a General Audience” (Star Trek Magazine, # 26 June 2010)

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